Monday, August 11, 2008

Check out this Raw Diet Clip!!!

Here's a picture of some summer fun out in the backyard!
You all have to check out this small clip about a group with different types of diabetes going on a all raw food diet for 30 days and the effects it has on their health. It's amazing what can happen when we eat foods without toxins that pollute our bodies and create disfunctioning organs! Please take a second to look at it.


Gramma Spice said...

Loved the film, Craig. Not only were these people avoiding simple carbs and saturated fats, they were avoiding MSG. Scientific tests have proven that MSG is an endocrine disrupter, an inflammatory agent, and a vasoconstrictor. It causes the brain to crave more of this dangerous neurotoxin (addiction to foods high in glutamate) that not only causes a spike in insulin release, which in turn, causes adrenalin to surge, and consequently, seratonin to be used up to modulate or quell this response (resulting in headache, fatigue, and depression), but it destroys neurons in the brain...but you knew that already, "doc". I hope everyone sees this film and examines what they are eating every day.

Gramma Spice said...

Sorry, it's me again, but "A Song For Mama" started playing and I had to tell you how much it meant to me that Mother's Day when you had me listen to it and told me it was from you to me. Love you, son! Now hurry up and bring you and your family back closer to home!!!! :)

Shelli said...

Hey Craig, thanks for the clip. Not at all surprised. My good friend, Dana is "raw" and she just glows.
I have a new diet goal I just started, and mom is in it with me. We are drinking at least one green smoothie a day. A green smoothie is essential to any raw dieter. It is basically a smoothie consisting of 60 percent fruit, 40 percent greens (spinach, romain, kale, etc...) and water. I had my first one this morning and loved it. Mom has a head start on me and has been doing it for about 3 days I think. It's a good way to get those greens that I am so lacking. Miss you!!