Saturday, August 30, 2008

Break time!

I finished up Trimester 7 and will be starting up 8 in a week or so! Boards part 3 and Physiotherapy Exams are coming in a couple weeks too! Uggghhh. Only two trimesters left and Tri 8 is the last one i'll have course work in then it's just clinic! Can't wait to be done with it. I'm cruising along in clinic and have surpassed my clinic requirements for number of adjustments by about 30 so far and hopefully i'll keep at a good pace. Carrie and I are enjoying this break from school by lounging around and relaxing a bit, even though I still have patients to see. We still haven't decided where we will end up but that also depends on which clinic will be taking me on as an associate. I love this picture, if you can't tell, i'm actually holding all three! They're so darn cute! Love you all and miss you muchisimo! P.S. That drink was juiced beats, lemons, apples, and then about a cup of blended kale, Yummy! HERE'S TO MY HEALTH, BOTTOMS UP!
PPS. Yes Mom, my hair is growing back!


Shelli said...

Wow! juiced beets! You are braver than I. I usually use spinach in mine, but the last few days have mixed spinach with kale. The only problem, is I think the kale taste lingers a little and it's kind of bitter on my tongue. Oh well. I love bananas, nectarines, mangoes, raw oatmeal, vanilla yogurt, and a spoon of peanut butter with the spinach and a bit of agave nectar. Sounds weird, but is yummy good. The oatmeal & peanut butter make the smoothie fill you up a bit more, and give a boost of energy I think. Almond butter is good too.
Love the picture of you and the kids! When are we getting to see you next, it has been way too long!!!

Gramma Spice said...

I was rushed this morning and didn't make my veggie/fruit smoothie and I regret needing a pick-me-up. I just cut up some mangoes and apples and froze them for the drinks. Love the spinach and have even added collard greens and careful with the latter...quite strong, but good for the liver. Adding some cinnamon and nutmeg to a mix of spinach, apples, pears is good...with some organic whole yogurt...sort of like eggnog. Yes, the nut butters and raw oatmeal add protein. I have added soaked beans, too, and they blend up well...tasteless. Tried cooked egg whites for more protein and they work great. Love the visit we had with the web cam...the kids are gorgeous and your hair, cutie!

Evans Family said...

You need to post another blog! It's like your busy or something. Just kidding I know what it's like in school! You will have to check our blog out it's Hope your doing good it's been a while since we talked. Sounds like your almost done thats awesome!