Monday, June 25, 2007


Here are a couple pics! I'll get more posted soon!!!

Craig's Gotta Blog!!!

Well friends and family, I have finally joined the team of bloggers. I find myself bored and tuned out of a few of my classes here at chiropractic school, so I figure I could use some of that time to post a few blogs. I'm not even sure what my website is yet, but I guess I'll figure that out soon enough. I also figure that this is a pretty good way to keep a journal since I'm a slacker when it comes to that. So here is an update on my life:

Carrie, and I are currently living in Lewisville, Texas, but are now looking to rent a house. We have discovered that a three bedroom home with a yard and all that fun stuff is the same price as a three bedroom apartment in this area. As most of you already know, we are pregnant with our third and so it is definitely time to get out of this two bedroom apartment. This also means, which is hardly easy to say, we are looking for a minivan! I promised myself that I would never own a minivan, but I guess it will serve us the best at this point in life.
Riley and little Craig are getting so big! Riley will be 4 this Sept. and Craig is 2. They are too smart for their own good and love to swim and play all day long. They are very sweet and love to give hugs and kisses to their parents.
Well, thats it for now I suppose. I don't want to bore anybody too much for my first blog. Enjoy the pics!!! (If I can figure out how to add pics!)