Thursday, January 31, 2008

Parker = Stress!

I am surviving here at Parker college of chiropractic, but this stress is killing my adrenal glands! I am in trimester six and have one year to go. I battle daily with the ups and downs of loving what i'm doing in clinic with patients and then having such limited time with all the school work at the same time (30 credits). WOW, sounds like i'm griping! On a more possitive note, I have a loving and wonderful wife who has supported me through all of this. I leave at 6am every morning and don't see her until 7:30pm each day except for the days I have her and the kids in for their adjustments in the clinic. I love my family so much and live for the moment I walk in the door to Riley and Craig yelling, "DADDY!!!" as they run up and hug me tight and plant warm little kisses on my cheeks. That's what life's all about! It really is. I just read Shelli's blog and I agree 100%. Love all you can and try to always be possitive in all the good and not so good that comes your way. Even though I might be a bit stressed out to my maximum capacities, I am so grateful for this time in my life and the fun times I enjoy with my family and friends. I LOVE MY FAMILY, that includes ALL of you!